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Rotary Positive Displacement, 3-screw and Gear Pumps.
Valves Actuator.
Valve Positioners; Relay, Fuses, Power Supply Input Flender Anti-Rebound Brakes for Gearboxes; Gear Units DPM cards for TCD; PLC Programming Software Centrifugal, axial, reciprocating and rotary screw compressors.
Plugs, Rods, Washers, Nuts, Springs, Sealings and Disks for Safety Valves.
Spare Parts for Pumps, Impulsores para Bombas Finder Pompe, Anillos, Bujes de Garganta, Cubiertas Externas e Internas, Cuñas de Impulsores. Ejes. Empacaduras Espirometálicas y Planas, Eslingas, Tapones de Venteo de Aceite. Cigueñales. Arandelas, Espaciadores, Pernos, Retenes, Platos de Seguridad, Sellos de Cubierta para Rodamiento, Tuercas Hexagonales.
Plugs and Gaskets;Expansion Joints and other spare parts.
Crank Shaft, Auxiliary Pump Replacement and other spare parts.
Compresores de Tornillos Carlyle para Chiller, Filtros de Aceite, Switches de Nivel de Aceite, Transformadores de Control para Aire Acondicionados Carrier, Valvulas Solenoides.
Gaskets, Nozzles.
Spirometallic Gaskets.
Rupture Disk.
Metering Needle, Gaskets and Nozzles Hick Hargreaves.
Safety Containment.
Belzona, Gaskets.
Industrial Cranes.
Chemical cleaners.
Hydraulic Gear Pumps.
Heliflex Spiral Hoses.
Coling systems, spare parts.
Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Solenoid, Plug Check, Piston, Safety ASCO, CRANE, BONNEY FORGE,VELAN,XOMOX.
Multi-turn,Linear, Lever actuators.
Anillos y Empacaduras de Cubiertas para Cilindros Neumaticos O-rings for Pneumatic Cylinders, Gaskets Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Diaphragm Seals, Termometers, Thermowells, Flowmeters, Thermocouples.
Air Conditioner Console Evaporators.
Spray Perforated Plates Hidro Fertilizer Technologie.
I / P Converters, Positioners Pressure Transmitters ID cards.
Industrial Scales and Laboratory Balances.
Gyratory and Vibratory Screeners and Sifters for Dry Applications Automated Particle Size Analyzer Vibratory Feeders & Conveyors Coil Series.
Motors, Terminal Boxes, Fans.
Filtration and fluid conditioning.
Splash Head for Kjeltec.
Optical Smoke Detectors for Fire & Gas System, Signal Cards for Fire & Gas Control Panels.
Grease Dispensers.
Rotary Disc Switches.
Forklifts and Industrial Spare Parts.
Spare Parts for Industrial Sweepers.
Screw Pumps, Electronic Pressure Calibrators.
Portable Gas Detection, Air Respirators.
Thermal Imaging Cameras.
Gear Pumps.
General Purpose Drives Microdrives Fan & Pump Drives.
Industrial Pulleys.
Digital Pressure Gauges.
Terminales de Datos Móviles, Baterías, Cables USB, Estuches, Cuñas de 4, Puertos, Fuentes de Poder, Cables DC Fuente, Kits de Montaje para Cuñas, Protectores de Pantallas.
Industrial Resin Traps.
Api Heat Transfer & Heat Exchanger Parts.
Drivers, Spare Parts.
Industrial Safety and Protection Equipment.
Springs, Packings, Support Washers Retaining Rings O-rings for Actuators Sealing Washers Sliding Rings.
Electro Neumatic Positioners.
Pressure and Software Calibrators.
Industrial Sensors.
Vibration switch.
Flow Nozzle.
Return Ring, Seal Rings, Radial Berings, Plug Valves, Retaining Ring, Piston Ring Set, Seats, Spray Nozzles
Industrial Glasses.
Lift Truck and Spare Parts-Hyster, Toyota, Caterpillar, Kalmar.
Bosch linear products; Bluecore Batteries.
Barnant Vacuum Pumps.
Micrometers, Digital Depth Vernier.
Rosemount Pressure Transmiter , Flowmeters, Temperature Transmitter.
Gear Pumps, Rotary Vane Pumps,Industrial Lobe Pumps.
Leverless Limit Switches, Square and Round Sensors.
Steam Traps, Pressure and Temperature Controls,Piston Valves, Water Temperature Controls, Digital Control Valves, Liquid Drainers,Refrigeration Equipment.
Boiler Controls, Flowmeters, Control Valves, Steam Traps, Condensate Recovery, Strainers.
Alternators,Current Tranformers,Power Protection Equipments.
Industrial Batteries.
Varta Dual Purpose batteries for Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Deep Cycle AGM.
Block Insulation, Coral Plastic Refractory.
Collector cylinder, Spot Sensor, Distillation flask.
Industrial valves,Manoneters,Gauge Glasses.
Internormen Filters, Donaldson filtration systems and replacement parts.
Ring Celastic,O'Ring, Bearing Sheet,Sliding Ring, Ball Seat.
Glass Sensor Temperature, Conductivity cells.
Solenoid Valves,Pressure and Temperature Regulators,Electronically Operated Valves, Pressure Controls and Thermostats, Electronic Controls: Sensors, Transmitters.
Hoist, Lift Trucks, Coker cranes.
Industrial plugs and sockets, Fuse Switches, MV Circuit Breakers & MV Contactors, Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Control stations & Joysticks, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Proximity sensor.
Stainless Steel Plate & Stainless Steel Sheet,Stainless Steel Bar Pipe and Tube Stainless Steel,Structural Stainless Steel Round bar, Rod coil, round and hex bar, Square bar,Flat bar,Threaded bar,Hex nuts and washers,Pipes, Threaded Pipe,Flanges, reducers,Tees,Stub ends,Elbows,Couplings fittings, welding materials.
O-ring Gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets,Ring Pipe Gasket,Boiler Gaskets, Woven Gaskets, Viton Gaskets.
Ucon Lubricants-Antifoaming Products.
Castrol Marine and Industrial Lubricants.
Catalyst Support Balls-Ceramic Ball For Catalytic Beds.
Baldor Motors, Dayton Motors, Griswold Motors, DC Motors, HVAC, Industrial Motors, Marathon Motors, Pumps, Refrigeration.
Industrial,Commercial, Residencial, Electronic, Medium Voltage and Power Cable,Fiber Optic Cable.
Filters,Hoses and Flexible Tubing, Regulators, Valves,Fittings Leak Detectors Lubricants, Sealants.
Sensors, Vibration Probe, Transducers, Test & Calibration Equipment.
Burner Control Igniters Flame Scanners.
Daniel Measurement and Control Flow Meters. Analyzers, Control Valves,Metering Systems.
Pneumatic regulators,pneumatic transducers,pneumatic relays, Transducer manifold and rack mounting kits, Pressure Gages.
Room Thermostats.
Limit Switchs.
low Measurement Level, Measurement Temperature, MeasurementPressure, Measurement Analysis Instruments, Viscosity MeasurementSystemsGas.
Steel & Stainless Steel Sheets, Plates, Angles, Squares , Tubes, Pipes, Bars, Beams Aluminum Sheets, Plates, Angles, Squares , Tubes, Pipes, Bars, Beams. Brass Sheets, Plates, Bars (Square, Round, Flat) Flanges, Fittings: Tee, Cap, Elbow, Plug, Bushing, Threadolet Sockolet,Weldolet, Union, Socket, Coupling, Nipple.
Coal & Petrochemical:Formic Acid; N-Butyl;alcohol; Cyclohexanone; 2-Ethylhexanol Cyclohexane; Melamine; Hydrogen peroxide; Caprolactam;Nylon-6; Isobutyraldehyde;Polycarbonate; Soudium Hydrosulfide Salt Chemical: Benzyl alcohol; Benzyl chloride; Calcium chloride dehydrate Anhydrous Calcium Chloride; Chlorinated paraffin-52; Dichloromethane. Trichloromethane; DMF; Dimethylamine; Trimethylamine; Perchloroethylene Sodium formate; Grannular Sodium Formate Fluorine and Silicon Chemical: R32 (Methylene fluoride); R125; R410A; HFP; PTFE; FEP; Methyldichlorosilane; Methyltrichlorosilane; Trimethylchlorosilane; DMC Paints, coatings, plastics, paper, inks, fibres, food and cosmetics: Titanium dioxide (TiO2).
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