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Equipment, Materials, Industrial Spare Parts & Raw Material.
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With the Highest Products & Services Quality.
We are able to provide a wide range of equipment, materials and products of brands with international recognition. In addition, we specialize in the purchase of raw material in Latin America for sale in the international market, helping the companies that produce it to market their products around the world.
  • Gas and oil plants.
  • Oil well drilling pipes.
  • Pipelines for transporting natural gas and for petroleum and petrochemical refineries.
  • Electromechanical equipment and services.
  • Equipment and control panels and instrumentation.
  • Electrical, electronic and semiconductor equipment and spare parts.
  • Electric transformers. Instrumentation and measuring equipment.
  • Industrial cranes; Forklifts and tractors (pay loaders).
  • Fluid pumps; Compressors; Motors of general or special use.
  • Materials and spare parts with special alloy.
  • Industrial lubricants. Hoses and industrial belts.
  • Air conditioning; Capacitors.
  • All types of valves (gates, balloon, check, butterfly, etc.) in carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC and bronze, threaded and flanged in all diameters and pressures. Industrial filters.
  • Industrial tools: Dewalt; Facom; GreenLee; Jensen tools; Proto; Ridgid Stanley; Victor; Snapon tools; Mitutoyo; Visegrip; Norton; Urrea; Acesa.
  • Paint and coating material.
  • Industrial safety equipment and materials.
  • Telecommunication equipment.
  • Equipment and software (hardware and software).
  • Furniture and Office equipment; Household appliances; Articles and sports equipment.
  • Any other material and equipment to meet the needs of our customers.
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